Awesome Types And Features Of Extreme Bicycles

Types And Features Of Extreme Bicycles

People use extreme bicycles in professional cycle races. These bicycles can be simply categorized as freestyle bikes, race bikes, and hybrid bicycles. Biking and bicycling are different synonyms used for cycling. You can categorize extreme bicycles into various styles, designs, and features.

1. Extreme Bicycles-Mountain Bike

Types And Features Of Extreme Bicycles
Types And Features Of Extreme Bicycles

The abbreviation used is MTB.  Bikers ride these bikes on rough terrain. It has bumpy rough tires, long-lasting wheels, powerful breaks and has full Suspension. People usually use it on rocky single-track roads.

In 1970, manufacturers made new styles and Designs of Mountain bikes for downhill and free riding.  Mountain biking has improved its suspension to 28 inches and gearing up to 27 speeds. ATB i.e. All-terrain Bicycles are used as synonyms for mountain biking.

You can categorize these bikes on the basis of suspension.

● Rigid i.e. with large bumpy tires.

● Hardtail –The front wheel is suspended.

● Full suspension-The tires, both front, and rear are suspended.

2. Extreme Bicycles- Triathlon Bikes

Road bikes are made especially for time trial events or triathlon. This bike has Bull horns shape handlebars and Aero bars. They help the rider to lean forward in an Aerodynamic position.

3.  Extreme Bicycles-BMX bike

Types And Features Of Extreme Bicycles
Types And Features Of Extreme Bicycles

It is a sports bicycle, people use it for racing and doing the stunt. Racers use it for cycle sports specially designed for off-road motorcycle racing.

4. Commuting Bikes

Commuting bikes are simple bikes with all general facilities like light, bags, rears, locks, and fenders. It has all the basic tools, which are important for a bike. Riding a bike proves to be very eco-friendly and good exercise.

5. Hybrid Or Comfort bike

They too have comfort features but differ by the wheel size.  Hybrids have large wheels compared to comfort bikes. They are best for family bike trips. The inventors designed it in an upright position to provide comfort to the rider. It can be said that they are a mix of a road bike, tour bike, and mountain bike.

6. Road Bicycle

Their thin tires and drop handlebars are their special features. Road bikes are popular for their speed and effectiveness. The thin tires help them to slide along the road without putting much effort.  Racers prefer this bike for long-distance rides.

7. Track Bikes

Best known for indoors cycle racing tracks. It has a single gear bike. It doesn’t have breaks. The athlete uses his leg strength to stop the bike. They use fixed gears on tracks. These bikes have single fixed gear and also have brakes. The style of handlebars is different. People ride fixed-gears for pleasure.

8. Tandem

Two riders can ride this bike together. You don’t require special training to ride the Tandem. One can ride it for fun. Tandems are available in many styles. The young Riders use it. New cyclists prefer riding this bike to get trained. People who face difficulty in balancing themselves use these bikes.

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