Basic BMX Tips You Should Learn

If you are a new-comer in this BMX cycling field, there are some basic things you should learn to get going. However, sometimes tricks work out more than tips. And that’s why I have created this post. Here I have shared some useful tricks you can apply to your riding skills and ride faster and more effectively than ever. So, let’s begin.

How To Guide: Basic Bmx Tricks You Should Learn
How-To Guide: Basic Bmx Tricks You Should Learn

Step 1- Things You Should Have

First of all, all of you who are reading this post, need a particular BMX bike and not a mountain bike. Mountain bikes will function differently, and while you are trying to learn this specific biking skill, it will be better if you avoid mountain bikes. Moreover, no matter whether you are biking down the road or mountain, you need individual gears and protections for your head. Use a helmet. And you need a waterway either human-made or wash and a street.

Step 2-J-Hop

You first need to make sure whether your front tire is at desired height or not where you can push forward. Now you can bring up your front tire to jay-hop pull up and lean back. Once you do it, both of the tires will be in the air and you can pull the bike towards you and you can reach your full height. If you are unable to understand what I’m saying, drop a comment or ask your instructor.

Step 3- 2 Tire Stall (Particularly For Wash)

This trick will work particularly on a park and wash. And you have to follow my instructions. You need to strait up the transition(the lip) face with your bike. Moreover, you need to do a j-hop and a 90-degree turn with your bike whichever way you think is appropriate. However, simply hold it in place when the bike reaches the top of the lip. Furthermore, you need to hop 90 degrees back in too.

Step 4- Disaster

This is another park and washes trick. Follow the first line of step 3, ride straight up the front of the lip. You can ride at the top jay hop and from there, spin up to 180 degrees. By now, you will hit the ground, and when you do, you have to ensure if your back tire is out of the pipe or not.

silhouette of person riding bike while doing tricks

Step 5- Fakie Out

You can simply roll backward while you paddle back. Moreover, when to Fakie Out, turn around, and then ride forwards.

Step 6- 180

If you want to do the 180, ride forward and make efforts to lift your front tire. Moreover, make sure to look over your shoulders. Now, lift it up and then kick out your back tire.

Step 7: 360 Of Bmx

To do 360, follow the 180 rule; however, a little differently. Make sure that you should do a complete spin all the way around.

How To Guide: Basic Bmx Tricks You Should Learn
How-To Guide: Basic Bmx Tricks You Should Learn

We hope you got the idea on how to ride a Bmx cycle more effectively and be a pro. Still, our comment box is open for you to ask us any question.

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