Best Bicycle Brands in the World With Price - Best Bicycle Brands in the World With Price -

Best Bicycle Brands in the World With Price

Best Bicycle Brands

Cycling is an excellent form of exercise. It is also a sustainable form of transportation. Different ways of cycling can capture your interest, such as mountain biking, racing, or trailing.

Whatever your reason is why you are getting a bike, make sure you know what to get. If it’s for fitness, you can get any bike you wish. If it’s for trekking, a mountain bike would be preferable. To help you out, check out these best bicycle brands in the world and look for the bike for you.


Trek is affiliated with other brand names like Electra, Bontrager, BCycle, Dream Bikes, and Mansion Hill. Trek bicycles are a little pricy than their competitors; their mountain bikes are listed around $1800-$12500. But the high price is worth it in exchange for its durability. This bike can handle any roads.


Merida Industry Co., Ltd is a company based in Taiwan. Each Merida Bikes are hand-made in Taiwan and are designed and engineered in Germany. The company prioritizes conceptualizing and testing their bikes to produce high-end quality for their customers. Merida bike starting price is approximately $400.

So, if you are on a tight budget for a bike like this, Merida is truly the best one to get. It is one of the cheapest yet most sustainable bikes in the market today.


Cannondale is known for using aluminum and carbon-fiber for its bikes instead of the usual steel. They are pioneers in creating ergonomically designed bikes. This Canadian-based bicycle manufacturer has always pushed to improve the biking experience and ditch the traditional. Cannondale bikes are around $1000-$11500.

Although the Cannondale bike could be a little pricey, if you have the budget for it, this bike is truly worth every penny you invest.


This one is truly a brand that specializes in crafting bicycles. Specialized is an American bicycle brand that solely produces bikes and other related products. Famous for their bikes’ Functional Advanced Composite Technology frame.

It is not a surprise that this is one of the best bicycle brands since no other brand has been used by five different contenders in the same Olympics. Specialized Performance Road Bikes are around $2200-$14250.


No arguments, one of the best bicycle brands in the world is the Giant. They are the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world that started innovations the changed bicycles worldwide. This brand is used for Olympic cycling and even just for everyday transportation, accessible bikes for all. Their bikes’ price ranges from $680 to $12,500.

Final Thoughts

These best bicycle brands offer different types of bikes that are designed and manufactured for your specific needs. Ranging at different prices, you can easily find your bicycle in these brands.

As mentioned, the price of your bicycle will depend on its type and brand. If you have enough budget for a high-end bike, choose the best one that will be worth your money. If you are in a tight budget, make sure the bike you end up with is sustainable and has everything that you need.

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