Best Shift Gear Bicycles Brands in India

Shift Gear Bicycle

Shift gear bicycles are used to have a more effortless biking experience. The shift gear is usually used on rough terrains like on the mountains or uphill roads. Instead of exerting so much effort in pedaling, the different gears in your bike makes you cycle faster.

If you do professional cycling or an avid cyclist, a shift gear bicycle might be for you. If you live in India and you are looking for a shift gear for your bicycle, check out these shift gear brands for your bicycle today.


Sram is the best shift gear bicycle brand not only in India but in the world. Sram offers different gear shifters for your bicycle. Sram has a variety of trigger shifter options to choose from. Sram X9 and X7 are one of their best models. They are responsive and easy to use. They also seem weightless and won’t weigh you down when cycling.


Shimano is also another great brand where you can find twists and trigger shifters. Their shifts have different speeds that can accommodate to your ride. One of their best models is the Shimano Deore XT.

One of the pros of Shimano Deore XT is it triggers your way out of the road. The top trigger can also be pushed back and forth with no hassle at all. However, the brake lever cannot slide all the way because of how the shifter is placed.

Also, this shift gear is a bit faster compared to other shift gears in the market, which is also an advantage. Although it gets stiff when being lubed in intervals, the shifting, in general, is consistent and fast.


You will be surprised by Fastped shifters. They stay true to their motto; indeed, they make cycling easy. Fastped’s MTB Bicycle Break Gear Shifter Brake is a 2-in-1 shifter with a gear shift and brake functions.

It has a front 3-speed and rear 7-speed. It’s made out of an aluminum body to ensure durability. They also have a plastic shift gear bicycle that has an 18-speed gear shifter. If you are looking for a reliable and worthy shift gear, this one is definitely one to get.


Last on the list is Shamay. Shamay is one of the bicycle brands available in India that sells high-quality bicycle gear shifters. No matter what bicycle you have, a mountain bike or a road bike, Shamay’s shifters will indeed be compatible. They have shifters at different speeds. Their products are also made out of alloy, so you can be assured that it will last for a long time.


A shift gear is essential to secure and have in any type of vehicle. Whether you have a car, a truck, a motorcycle, or a bike, one should always have a shift gear. Biking will be a bit easier and safe when you have shift gear on your bicycle.

If you often bike on rough roads, attach shift gears on your bicycle. Do not let your muscles exert too much effort and tire yourself out. Get these excellent shift gear bicycles to ease your ride.

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