Bike Racing Events You Must Check Out This Year

Upcoming Bike Race Events

Do you like bike racing? Do you ever participate in any bike racing competition? Well, keep on reading if you want to know a few info on some of the most famous bike racing events in the world.

Upcoming Bike Race Events
Upcoming Bike Race Events

Bike Racing Events


No, it is not a women’s Tour De France. However with the seven stages in nine days, the Tour d’Occitanie is unquestionably heaps of a rival than the solely-day La Course currently offered by Amaury Sport Organisation, the organizes of the men’s race.

If it goes sensible, maybe this young event will inspire Amaury Sport Organisation to boost & provides ladies the French tour they justified—perhaps by shopping for for the Tour d’Occitanie & adding the race to its growing portfolio. This race is going to held from August 5 to 11 this year.


Kudos are the organizers of the four-day Colorado Classic for realizing that women’s race is often heaps of exciting than the men’s event. In fact, they need to be eliminated the men’s event from the program fully. This year’s Colorado Classic race will feature ladies entirely, giving them advert throughout the four-day race.

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It conjointly advised that fourfold a lot of prize than last year’s version, & stipends for travel as well as lodging. Let’s hope this earns the classic race a spot on the Union Cycliste Internationale Women’s World Tour calendar in the year 2020. This race is going to held from September 22 to September 29 this year.


This year’s UCI Road World Championships ensue in Yorkshire region, United Kingdom, that hosted the beginning of the 2014 Tour De France.

However, Vincenzo Nibali will finally add a World Championship race to his resume. On the women’s side, it will be maturation for Rivera, however, won’t mind if Lizzie Deignan, UN agency won her initial rainbow jersey in Richmond within the year2015, takes her IInd before of her house fans. This race is going to held from August 22 to August 25 this year.

Upcoming Bike Race Events
Upcoming Bike Race Events

5 Famous Bike Races

  • Paris–Rouen It was in November 1869 when the first-ever bicycle race in history happened. It was held in Paris and Rouen, which was two of the main the two cities of France. James Moore of England was the winner of this race who covered the whole distance of 123 Km in 10 hours & 45 minutes.
  • Critérium du Dauphiné – The French Bike Race or also known as Critérium Du Dauphiné, is held in 8 stages in Dauphiné. This race first started in 1947. It is worth noting that four drivers won it thrice. These four drivers are Nello Lauredi of France, Charly Mottet of France, Luis Ocaña of Spain & Bernard Hinault of France.
  • Paris–Nice – This race is also known as “Race to the Sun” & it’s history dates back to the year 1933. Nowadays it is a part of Union Cycliste Internationale World Rankings. Its first winner was Alphonse Schepers of Belgium. The record for the most number of wins in this tournament is held by Sean Kelly of Ireland who won it record 7 times. Irish biker Sean Kelly holds the record for having the most numbers of a win in a biking tournament.
  • Commonwealth Games –Originally known as British Empire Games, Commonwealth Games is a competition that has always supported skilled racing games. Nowadays both men & women participate in Commonwealth Games as a professional bicycle. These races include the events of track & road.
  • Olympic Games – Road Biking became the part of the Olympic Games from the very beginning of the games. At the primary trendy Olympic event command in the year, 1896 Athens, 5 track events, as well as one road race, were a command (87-kilometer race from Athens to Marathon & back).
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