The Most Amusing Bike World Records Will Surprise You

World records are created and destroyed every day. People make records in trivial contests like eating a maximum number of burgers and also big records like crossing the Atlantic Ocean by swimming alone. Similarly, some world records are made using bikes. These bike world records may be as simple as riding a bicycle, to as difficult as longest headstand on a bicycle. Some of the world records made by people using bikes are strange but they never fail to amaze us. There are almost 54 uncanny records on the bike.

List Of Bike World Records

  • A juggler juggled three balls behind his back for the longest time while riding the bike. He juggled the balls for almost 7 minutes.
  • A cyclist performed a bicycle wheelie for a total of one hour and thirty minutes. He completed it without holding the handlebars of the cycle. He covered the distance of 16 long miles doing it.
  • Jonathan Rinny rode a 7 wheeled unicycle for the longest time. He rode the cycle for 19.14 seconds. The unicycle was stacked one above the other, which was 13 feet and 3 inches tall.
  • Niki Yoshiuchi set a record for the longest yo-yo sleeper while doing a one-foot track stand. He balanced the bike for 33.41 seconds.
  • Brian Pankey set a record for balancing a bicycle on his forehead for a whole 2 minutes and 48.52 seconds.
  • A member of King Charles Troupe named Kim Anthony Jones made the record by completing 164 single jumps on a unicycle. He did this while jumping on a double Dutch jump rope.
  • Geoff Bond and his friends traveled 56 miles on their bike from London to Brighton. This record they set by riding a unicycle.
Bike World Records

Some More Records

  • Alexander Paul rode a cycle with his feet on the cycle handlebars. He set the record by riding for 2 minutes and 40.45 seconds.
  • Brendon made picked 22 bits of litter from the ground while riding a unicycle. It sounds uncanny but is a real-world record.
  • Nikola Bete made a record of riding a bicycle on a 12-meter long cable.
  • Japheth G. made the record by balancing a bike on his chin. He did it for a total of one minute and 31.41 seconds.
  • Lakshay Jangit, an Indian made the record by performing a headstand while riding a cycle. He did it for a total of three minutes and 2.22 seconds. He rode for 1.05 kilometers.
  • Jose Canales made the record by riding a bicycle for the longest time without holding the handlebars. He finished the record while sticking his tongue out. He rode the cycle for 2 minutes and 18.60 seconds.
  • Martin Tuson performed a total of 161 BMX front hops. He was 48 years old when he did it.
Bike World Records


These records are not only peculiar but also jaw-dropping. The record holders may not be professional cyclists. People take vigorous training to register their names in the list of world records.

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