Top Vintage Bicycle Brands That You Must Know About -

Top Vintage Bicycle Brands That You Must Know About

Bicycles are the best way to get some exercise and also get fresh air which is great. You need to have a bicycle if you love working out in fresh air and heading to other places while doing so. With a bicycle life becomes so much better as it allows you to work out without any hassles. There are many bike brands that you will find around you and you can choose the one that you like. Along with modern bicycle brands there are some vintage bike brands that you must know. These vintage bicycle brands are similar to classic cars and fine wine. You can own these brands if you find someone selling the cycles. These are some prestigious bicycle brands that you must look out for if you are looking to know more.


This brand produced bikes in the early fifties in Italy and some of the bicycles are stunning and caught the eyes of people easily. This is one of the best brands that gave bicycles to some of the top legends like Johan Museeuw and Eddy Merckx. You can look out for the versions known as Mexican and Master that are breathtakingly beautiful and look amazing. This is one of the brands that you must know about if you love vintage bikes.


This is one the best, oldest and most loved bike brands that you can find. This is also an Italian brand that produced steel horses and top-selling bicycles from 1885. The top legend Fausto Coppi used this bike for the races which is great. This brand is mostly known for celeste-green liveries and there are some models that you must know about. Some of the versions that you can look out for include Specialissima and Mercatone Uno.


This is one of the best brands that you can find and Torino models of this brand are well known specially between 1973 and 1982. These are one of the most successful bikes of these times and you must find these if you can. Thanks to the legendary Roger De Vlaeminck who used these bikes for some of the top competitions in the world. These bikes are eye-catching and stunning that will make heads turn when you ride them on the road.


This brand dates back to the forties and is one of the pioneering bicycles that you will find. The brand has components of the highest quality that made the brand famous during these years. If you are looking for the iconic version of this brand, then you must get the Supercorsa. The bicycles are great and look amazing when you take them out for a ride.


These are the top vintage bike brands that you must look out for if you like old bikes. Vintage bikes are best as the design is great and the components were also very functional. Also, these bikes are also breathtakingly beautiful and look better than the modern day bikes. The design was also sleek and also iconic but it is difficult to get your hands on these bikes.

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