Winter Bicycling: Tips On How To Do?

There’s nothing quite as calming as winter bicycling. It’s not just a sustainable option but also benefits one in ample amounts. Biking to your place of work can ensure that you kick start your day with the much-needed work-out for lazy winters. It also gets your metabolism going.

Many people quickly get intimidated by the idea of it but with a few pointers, one can easily utilize a bike through the year. This includes the proper maintenance of your bike and proper protection from the chilly temperature.

Winter Bicycling: Tips On How To Do?

Winter Bicycling: Tips On How To Do?

How It Helps You

It’s the most economic option of commute. Having a bike ride, no matter how small it that you don’t spend all your money on transport. There are no fuel or fare prices that keep the money in your wallet.

It’s the healthiest habit you can develop. A bicycle ensures that you get your share of workout. This warms up your body the right way. It also steps up your metabolism and gets the muscles moving which is crucial during winter months.

Other advantages include being able to avoid morning traffic, being able to get an easy short cut and more importantly you reach for work energized for the day.

Starting Tips

Winter Bicycling: Tips On How To Do?

Winter Bicycling: Tips On How To Do?

For places that are more distant, it is feasible to use a bike with a combination of perhaps a bus or taxi for your trip.

Bike your way to places on alternative days to get a hang of it.

Park your bike if you get exhausted for uncomfortable and use another commute option.

Some of the basic things that one take special care include
Efficient clothing and food choices
A regularly serviced bicycle Awareness of the possible difficulties and management of the same.


Winter breeze tends to penetrate easy and therefore you must use the right kind of clothing. Layer your clothes while never getting them to weigh you down. A common mistake is that of putting on too many layers. Your body produces sufficient heat once you hit that pedal so you will stay warm.

Use of a base layer to keep you dry. This is because cycling is essentially an exercise and therefore breathable clothes will prevent irritation of the skin and ensure you’re comfortable.
As an outer layer, you must always opt for something that covers you well. A soft-shell jacket works the well. However, in wet conditions, you must also look for waterproof coats to be safe.

Head, Hands, and Feet – the three parts of your body that you must cover up well as they tend to be easily affected by the fall in temperature. A helmet, warm but grip providing gloves and a pair of biking friendly shoes with warm socks are key to a happy ride.


Your shoes play a crucial role in your cycling experience. The trick is to ensure that you’ve got a good grip that facilitates easy pedaling along with a breathable fitting.

Some shoes may get uncomfortable if you choose a thick pair of shocks so you may either get a bigger sized shoe or opt lightweight hiking boots.

Avoiding cotton socks will be helpful as cotton wouldn’t keep you warm under wet conditions.

Hydration and food: Winter Bicycling

Although a cycle doesn’t require fuel you must understand that it’s manual and therefore requires more effort on your part. It is easy to get burnt out if you’re still building stamina. Carry water with you as loss of moisture is very common in winter.

Having a recharge time is crucial. Carry a small and manageable amount of food or snacks. Your bike allows you to stop anywhere and refuel while enjoying a view.

Riding skills: Winter Bicycling

During winters its always best to avoid riding next to the curb, avoiding this is best.
As winter ignites the cozy bear in you, don’t forget to pay attention to your body posture.
Stay relaxed and let your body loose, this helps you absorb any jerks on the ride.

Winter riding is essentially choosing the right bike. This would mean sticking to a single gear, to avoid any unnecessary grip issues and to maintain your riding pattern. Your bike will work best with proper use and regular maintenance.

Biking is the best habit you can adopt. It helps you and the earth doesn’t mind it either. With these few tips in mind, I wish you a happy and Beautiful winter bicycle ride!

Meta: Biking is the easiest to escape from your routine travels.
Excerpt: It’s the healthiest habit you can develop. A bicycle ensures that you get your share of workout.

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